Rwandan refugee camp of Benako, Tanzania. 1994. Photographs by Sebastião SALGADO

Humanity in Transition : "I want people to come out of this show and see immigrants in a new way, with a new respect."

This a story that I began to think about during the period from 1986 to 1992 when I was shooting Workers, a documentary project on the end of large-scale manual labor in 26 countries. I began to see that we are in the middle of an incredible change in the world, a major revolution. What I saw with Workers was that the traditional ways of production were completely going or gone -- and that a huge displacement of population was occurring around the globe. Quite simply, the number of people moving around within countries, from the fields to the cities, and the number of people moving from one country to another, was much greater than ever before in human history.

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“사진을 수집하는 것은 세상을 수집하는 것이다
To collect photographs is to collect the world.” – Susan Sontag


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